I’ll get there. Sooner or later.

For now, I’m Sabina. And I’ve been around long enough to know better than to even attempt to do what this little blog aspires to.

That said, I’ve never been good at not saying what desperately needs saying when no one else will.


Alright, it’s taken quite a few years, but in light of how this blog really doesn’t contain anything I’d not be willing to sign my own name to, and as there’s nothing here I’d consider in any way particularly private, I’m comfortable adding my name to this blog.

I’m Lauren Sabina Kneisly.

I tend to use this more as my personal blog for odds and ends and the occasional “Relatively Harmless Little Dystopian Rant.” It’s updated infrequently at this point, but it’s successfully played the role of archiving some of my more obscure and less easily categorized writings.

Until now, I’ve made a point of keeping a blogroll, links, or RSS feed off of this space, but I suppose I’m willing to flesh it out a bit more with some of the other odds and ends I tend to read or think are important.

What I suppose you might term my primary blog, Baby Love Child pertains primarily to my “Bastard Blogging” or my writings about adoption from the perspective of an adult adoptee from a sealed records state, and a time period some refer to as the “Era of Mass Surrenders” (or EMS, roughly post WWI until Roe and Doe in ‘73)  in which adoption was what amounted to an ‘only option’ for many womyn.

For those of you who twitter, you can find my Baby_Love_Child twitter feed that I tend to use as links to additional readings and latest news relating to my BLC blogging.

This space, then, forms somewhat of a catch-all for other blogging I’d like to do, but don’t want a focused topic space for.

Readers may find my Tags and Categories down the right-hand column useful navigational tools, particularly if they are looking for posts on a particular topic.

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